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   Admin      July 3, 2023 


8 Must-Have Features for Event Ticketing Software

The event industry is booming. As a result, the market for event ticketing software is as competitive as ever. If you’re looking for an event management solution or a way to make online ticket sales, it’s important to make sure that the platform you choose has all the......

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   Admin      September 13, 2022  


How to create recurring events, classes or booking system with time-slots, using My City Tickets 

Recurring events with time-slots, which may recur several times a day, are very common type of events and are vastly used for any event, class, booking, renting or registration that is time-based.

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   Admin      September 13, 2022


Gate Control & e-Ticket Validation

The purpose of gate control is to validate tickets at the gate and admit valid tickets to your event. It should be fast, professional and able to accurately distinguish valid, invalid and duplicated tickets. The faster the process, the shorter the wait time at the door and the more organized the event.

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     Admin     August 31, 2023 


How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

Given the wide demographics of its 2.9+ billion users and its status as the largest social media platform out there, Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool for your events! By learning how to promote an event on ....... 

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     Admin     October 1, 2023 

My City Tickets vs.Eventbrite

My City Ticketsand Eventbrite are both great ticketing and box-office systems and are used for event ticketing. Event organizer are often confused which one to choose and often make uninformed decisions that may significantly affect the success and outcome of their event and their revenue.

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5 Reasons To Choose My City Tickets As A Free Alternative To Eventbrite

You may or may not have heard that Eventbrite is shaking up its pricing plans – with one of the main changes coming in the form of a new ‘Organiser Fee’.

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