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How to Promote Your Event on Facebook in 2023


Given the wide demographics of its 2.9+ billion users and its status as the largest social media platform out there, Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool for your events! By learning how to promote an event on Facebook, you’ll connect your events with tons of new, interested attendees in no time. Excited to learn more? We’re here to show you the ropes of event promotion on Facebook to help you grow your events.


How to create an event on Facebook

First things first, you’ll need to build your Facebook event! To give you the most time to market your event, you should create this as soon as your event’s main details are solidified (even if your event is more than a year out!). To help you with this, here are some best practices for building a strong event page.

  • Title: Clearly and uniquely state what your event is about in 64 characters or less (ideally under 40 characters for your Facebook ads later).
  • Cover photo: Display an eye-catching image that’ll get viewers to stop scrolling, especially since it’ll be their first impression of your Facebook event. This means use bright colors, add high-quality event photography, and get creative with your graphics!
  • Description: Once you’ve got the essentials covered like the date, time, and location, you’ll want to highlight what your event has to offer, from special guests to fun activities to expected attendance numbers based on previous years. Consider linking off to your event’s website too for more info. 
  • Add tickets: Include a link to your event’s ticketing page to sell your tickets! My City Tickets makes this super easy, helping you set up an irresistible ticketing page in just minutes (we may be a little biased!). 
  • Discussion tab: Use this feed to update your viewers with new information about your guest lineup, exclusive discounts, parking details, etc. Encourage fans to ask their burning questions here, so you can easily respond to them!
  • Co-hosts: Add any partners or featured sponsors as co-hosts to boost your event’s credibility and so they can also invite tons of people to your event too!
  • Category: Under the “Market Your Event” tab, include a relevant tag pertaining to the topic of your event (e.g., Sports, Foods, Comedy) and your location to help improve your event marketing SEO on Facebook, so when people search for events in your area, they’ll find yours first!

Free ways to start promoting your event

Now that you’ve created your event, invite as many people as possible to get the ball rolling! You can invite up to 500 people yourself, and others can also invite 500 people. Be careful to send closer to 100-150 invites out at a given time though (and no more than 200 to be safe) to avoid Facebook accidentally marking your event as spam. You can also personally invite people through Facebook Messenger who follow your page and encourage them to invite their friends!

Encourage your co-hosts and sponsors to share your event with their audiences too, as well as tag them in relevant posts to open up your network and gain more impressions. You can also share your event in relevant Facebook groups so people with related interests can learn more about what you have to offer.

Create and share exciting content on your Facebook page to help build a buzz around your upcoming events. Leading up to event day, share highlights of your guest lineup, behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive discounts, and more to hype up your attendees. You can use your Instagram event content on Facebook as well to get more out of each post! Short-form videos (aka Reels) are especially powerful for expanding your event’s reach to new audiences. And don’t be afraid to repurpose content for your TikTok too!

Looking for even more ways to promote your Facebook event for free? Unlike Instagram, Facebook lets you share links on each of your posts – so take full advantage of it! Make sure your event’s website and ticketing page are easily accessible in your bio and your posts. Plus, share the link to your Facebook event in your newsletter, on your website, across your other social media platforms, and on other channels in your event marketing strategy to cover all your bases!